Building Access Security System Concepts:

Building security has fast become a serious priority. In a free and open society, many public buildings are susceptible to intrusion. Recent school shootings have revealed a serous problem in public building security flaws. Most employers and hotels use magnetic card readers to allow worker access to buildings. Why is that not used for schools, libraries and other public ares like restaurants and theaters?  For the latter, a security check point might be an idea. A 20′ sea container could be retro fitted my a company like MODS International of Appleton, WI. The container would provide a two door vestibule that can act as an air lock and security check point. Doors can be controlled by RFID rings issued to customer.


While this is not practical for some businesses, like restaurants, a cred card reader that can trigger a door lock is one possible idea. Sometimes seconds count.; in some cases, just having a digital door lock with the code written clearly above the lock, combined with a security camera provides essential access delay to slow any possible threat. The lock could also be disabled of the owner or bartender in case a threat is approaching. Camera system can be monitored in the office or cook area with door disable buttons. Clubs and private organizations that have typically used combination locks can now use bio metric fingerprint door locks.

Workplace Time Clock Systems: