release the kraken

CNN and the MSM have become so completely biased and out of touch with reality that we need new sources for legitimate news.

Alternative News Outlet Links:

National Pulse – Raheem Kassam

Steve Bannon’s War Room

Dick Morris

Steve Pieczenik

Amistad Project of The Thomas Moore Society

OANN – Jack Posobiec

Info Wars – Alex Jones

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Alternate TV News

Network TV is dead. To view alternative news sources, set up your ROKU box (either built into your smart TV or as a separate box, see blow) and add the following channels.

  • Newsmax
  • PlutoTV
    allows access to the following:
    236 – Newsmax
    238 – BlazeTV
    240 – America’s Voice
    242 – OAN Encore
    244 – The First
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