Clear Backpacks Show You Have Nothing To Hide

In recent days, the topic of students using clear backpacks has hit a fever pitch sparking a debate about privacy rights. So why would see through backpacks restrict your privacy, especially if you have nothing to hide? I would think that unless you are packing a particularly ugly or offensive looking sammich or some illegal contraband, you should have no problem. If you need to carry something potentially embarrassing, like toiletries, place them in a small zippered pouch that is smaller than a typical weapon. It’s a good idea that can ease the minds of fellow students when they know you’re not packing a “Dirty Harry” 44 magnum into class. While clear backpacks and buckets of stones are interesting ideas, they do not solve the problem of an armored madman armed to the teeth walking in between classes.

Regardless over that stated above, if your school requires clear backpacks, you can find them where else?  on Amazon.

Travel Transparency

In addition to schools, I think that toting clear, see-through carry on baggage would help you breeze through airport security, although that alone should not be a pass for a quick and hasty security screening. It just makes others feel better and at ease and demonstrates that you have nothing to hide. Smart travelers are already jumping on this trend. What are your thoughts on clear luggage? Post your comments below.

The Privacy Debate

After having their lives in danger, some students close to recent school shootings are have argued that creating a mandate for see through backpacks in schools violates their right to privacy. I personally find this ironic since they were nearly in the line of fire themselves and may well have had their right to life violated. Parkland School student David Hogg explains his opinion in the video below.  What are your thoughts on clear backpacks and being required in schools? Post your comments below.


David Hogg’s Clear Backpack Commentary: