Why Webmaster World Sucks  


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12/06/2017 9:26 am  

If you're a webmaster and have never heard of Brent Tabke's creation named Webmaster World, then you've been living under a rock.

Webmasterworld.com is an community of webmasters who share industry information in both public and private forums. The private forums may have some value, but for $149/year, you can find better resources in free open forums.

The public forums though are pretty much a joke. You will never find any solutions there. In particular, their SERP report topics are basically a small group of regulars who do nothing but whine about losing traffic. Those who do post useful observations are ok, but be careful; if you take a jab at the mother-ship Google, you will be censored or banned.  Delving into anything that is fringe is definitely going to get deleted.

Having a ToS is fine. Spammy or vulgar posts have no place on any forum, but when mods take it upon themselves to censor thoughts, that's when I draw the line and say webmasterworld sucks. 

The site is no longer owned by Tabke as he sold it to Jim Bokin's Internet Marketing Nija's  in 2012. That's about when the censorship really kicked in. Just my personal opinion. Your mileage may vary.


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