Keeping tabs on a remote property or work site ensures you’re never caught by surprise by fire, flood or power loss. Modern, COTS remote monitoring devices take advantage of existing internet and wifi connections to keep you fully aware of remote conditions and possibly save money in utility costs and damage prevention.

Remote monitoring systems can monitor:

  • Power usage
  • Water usage
  • Temperature
  • Flooding
  • Door and lock position
  • Video

Remote Power Usage Monitors

The Sense power monitor makes the top of our list. We’ve installed and tested this unit and it get’s an A+ grade for ease of setup and remote connectivity. There are no added costs for the Sense account. You only pay for the unit itself. Shows real time power usage and continually learns more about your devices.

Remote Water Usage Monitors

In remote water usage meter devices, our top pick is the Streamlabs water meter unit. This device is easy to install and setup in about 10 minutes. The app is available for Android or iOS and there is no added monthly fees to access your remote water usage data.

Remote Temperature Monitors

Why monitor remote temperature? You could check room temperate, equipment temperature  or outdoor temperature. In addition to just monitoring, some system allow remote control using normally open or closed contacts that can be activated using a cell phone app. Setup up right, this could help you avoid freezing or overheating issues. Remote weather station can also do the same function plus include wind, rainfall, air pressure, humidity and more.


Remote Flood Monitors

Remote Door and Lock Control

Remote Video Monitoring