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Getting Rid of Flies on Your Computer Displays

Before I even get wound up about flies on computer displays, I want to clarify that if you have them, you are not necessarily a slob. The first thing one would assume is that anyone with flies buzzing around them might have a hygiene issue. Regardless, almost every time sit down in front of my computer I seem to be tormented by a variety of tiny flies usually working alone to distract my work.  It happens all year long. In fact, it’s happening now. Time to investigate.

Only a Side Effect:

Flies on your computer screen are just a side effect of  having flies in your office or home. They love flying in front of your face because that’s what flies do, and the fact that the heat and light attracts them. They’re just much easier to see when they land in your field of view while trying to blast aliens. If you’re working on a document, the white background amplifies the aggravation. If you try to poke the little buggers with your finger, they just hop or fly away. Only on rare occasions have I been able to nail one.

Big flies:

house-flyIf a big house fly manages to get in and focus its appetite on me, all work stops. They are usually easy to take out with an ordinary fly swatter. House flies can be controlled by closing the door and window screen. I’ve tried to convince my wife and kids of this solution to no avail.

More fun than a fly swatter, the Bug-A-Salt, a salt powered shot-gun for flies. Avoid electronics.

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What Are They?

Those tiny flies on your computer screen are probably fruit flies or gnats. Both are likely there because of an attractive environment from which they came. While it may not seem to be a bounty to you, an old apple core, banana peel or bread crust is a universe of food to a tiny fly. It’s a good bet you have something in a nearby trash container that is generating the flies. Other critters like leaf hoppers and spiders might also be attracted to your work, but they are not ask pesky as flies.

Where they come from:

fruit-fly-trap Where do fruit flies come from? Are their eggs already in the food scraps and if not, how did they get there? Not to be commander obvious, but their baby Mamma probably flew by and laid them on your trash. How else?

Once the eggs are laid, they do what all flies do, they get gross. The first stage after hatching is the maggot stage. During this time, the maggots devour the garbage then advance to the fly stage. Once a fly, they are free to breed and aggravate you until you find a smart solution to take them out.

How to get rid of computer screen flies.

My first thought is usually to order something from Amazon. After all, they have everything. I don’t want nasty chemicals or sprays.
The best I could do was these sticky traps for $6.00 Prime. Simple Solution. I ordered them and will report back. The second option, fruit fly traps seems less effective according to reviews, but probably works fine. I ordered that too and will review.

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Cheap, Simple Solution:

Here’s an old-fashioned way to get rid of fruit flies that you can make yourself in under a minute.

  • 1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
  • a few drops of regular dish soap
  • place mixture in a glass jar with no lid
  • wait for the hungry flies to land and drown

I have used this method and it works wonderfully. Place the container 4 to 8 feet away from you. The idea is to draw they away from the monitor heat and light and to something more appetizing. The soap simply reduces the surface tension so they won’t float.  Since fruit flies only live a few days, you should be able to clean up your trap in no longer than a week. It you don’t then you could be a slob.

I like cheap homemade solution that I can deploy in a few minutes from now, not three days from now because by that time, that pesky fly will have died of old age already. Problem is; junior maggot is munching his way to adulthood to carry on the family business of irritating me.

The Fly Trick:

Now that you’ve mastered controlling computer display flies, you can play a trick on your friends, or if you miss all those flies you’ve taken out. Believe it or not, some mad scientist type has made a disturbing app for that. FLY ON DESKTOP is a program that places realistic house flies on your computer screen. I’m not kidding. Download it if you dare.

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Flies on your Computer Display

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