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Setup for Starter WordPress Websites:

This is the process of setting up hosting using affordable Hostgator web services specifically for WordPress sites.
Hostgator is recommended only for new hobby sites or first time small business sites.

The goal is to first register a domain name.
Once that is complete, you will need to open a starter hosting account.
When you’re ready to start up your website, just follow these steps.


This open a new browser window and take you to Hostgator.

1. Once you get there, click DOMAINS from the main menu (third from right).

2. Enter your desired domain name (without the .com extension, that is selected in the grey box) and click the yellow search button. If available, proceed to step 3.

3. Using the drop down menu, select the term. Three years is best. Then select the yellow Add To Cart button.  Once you are done selecting domains names ( you only need one) Click the yellow My Cart button.

4. Checkout. You can un-select the optional Domain Privacy Protection or leave it if you want a private registration. Agree to the Terms of Service and click the Complete Order button.

5. Billing Login. As a new customer, click the yellow NEW CUSTOMER button.

6. Enter all your Billing Information. Also, enter a PIN Number and Password and confirm the password by entering it again.

7. Enter your Card Information and complete the transaction. You now own your domain.



1. This time select WordPress Hosting from the main page (far left).

2. If you are intending to host only one site, select the “Starter ” plan. If you would like to host more than one site, select the “Standard” plan for two sites or the “Business” plan for up to five sites.

3. Complete the form in Section 1. indicating the domain name you just registered from above and your billing information.

4. Complete Section 2. indicating the number of blogs (usually 1) the desired Billing Cycle, Blog Title and a Security PIN number for calling into support.

5. Finally complete Section 3. with your name, address and credit card information. Agree to the terms of service and submit your order. Your account will be processed and ready to using in a few hours.

For help in setting up your site from here, simply CONTACT US.