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The First Step is Always the Hardest

Ready to get your website started? Self signup is easiest, just proceed…
Before you can do anything online, you need two things,

1. A Domain Name. (register in step 2)
2. A Hosting Account. Open New Account

The domain name is your website address, like and the hosting account is what serves all your beautiful pages to your potential customers. For a starter WordPress site, the Turbo account is recommended as the bare minimum. We can manage and maintain this account for you. All accounts are scalable so you can upgrade or downgrade any time.

Let me explain why registering your domain and hosting are a good thing for you. First and foremost, you retain all ownership.  Second, you are in direct charge of your billing. That way you have full control of your server hosting billing. Bills can be set for monthly payment or annual payment. You receive much better rates for prepaid annual accounts.

Once you get this far on your own…
…we can get started on your site.