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High Speed Internet

By far, the fastest internet speed and highest reliability service is delivered by Spectrum internet. In the past few years, Spectrum has increased speed from 10Mbs to 20Mbs and recently to 60Mbs. Now 100Mbs is standard service. Business Class service is just under 1Gbs. That's incredible. Why choose AT&T's outages when you can have the best.

Digital Phone

Adding digital nationwide phone service to you account is a snap. Just plug your regular phone into the modem or your entire home system and every phone is now a digital communication device.

High Definition TV

Spoectrum's HDTV service is second to none. Star with a lineup of 150 channels, or choose the 175 or 200 channel package, Bundled in the triple play package, you get 100Mbs internet, phone and 200 channels of digital TV and DVR for under $130/month.

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