As if the state’s gas tax were not high enough, Wisconsin is considering adding toll booths to it’s interstate system. This places an added burden on the already overtaxed and law abiding citizens as well as adding stop and go delays. Even though the sate currently prohibits their use, a much better approach would be to employ existing traffic camera technology to kill two birds with one stone.

70 does not mean 90:

A few years back, governor Walker increased speed limits from 65 mph to 70 mph. Sounds like nothing right?
Wrong. First, most drivers believe that 10 mph over the limit is fine, so seeing drivers doing 80mph and higher is common. Higher speeds around cities like Green Bay and the Fox Valley where multiple merges exits create a hazard that can be seen every day. Traffic fatalities are up and speeding is making these roads a meat grinder.

Combine Common Sense with Technology:

The solution is very simple. First would be to drop the speed limit to 65 mph around cities. Second would be the addition of speed cameras to each overpass with a small sign to indicate the driver is being photographed.
This alone would drop speeds to within the legal limit and help save lives.

Just the presence of empty camera housings and the sign would down traffic and save lives.  The problem is, humans learn quickly to ignore a simple trick like this. The next step is to deploy and arm a working camera system. Highway speed camera systems already exist, here are links to a few manufacturers:


Save Lives, Reduce Taxes:

It’s will be debated whether s traffic speed camera system will actually save lives, but it can’t hurt. In 2016, we’ve seen a rash of police targeted in traffic stop shootings as well as random non traffic related shootings. This system takes the load of potentially dangerous traffic stops off of police officers. It can reduce traffic fatalities and help pay for road maintenance without having to increase taxes on everyone. The speed limit is a law. Breaking that law means you pay a fine and suffer the consequences for your own actions. It’s that simple.

Resistance is Futile:

While to some it may seem like Big Brother level oversight, perhaps it’s time to employ camera systems nationwide. Saving lives is the number one priority. Public acceptance is weak but with third party testing and certification and lighter fines, perhaps this can change.  Of course some people will try to thwart the system by using plate blocking lenses and sprays. The problem for these folks is that they are actually helping to improve the system accuracy by employing better technology.