Barrel Garden Systems are Growing:

Traditional gardening methods can be tedious and back breaking work. Balancing soil, roto tilling and pest control are a real hassle. A modern solution to growing healthy vegetables is at hand.


DIY Plastic Barrel Garden

You can now grow your own veggies in a compact space that could fit on your back porch or apartment balcony using a plastic barrel garden system. The crazy appearance is only surpassed by the incredibly intelligent nutrient cycle that takes kitchen scraps like egg shells coffee grounds, tea bags and vegetable scraps converting them slowly into organic fertilizer.

There are plans online to convert a plastic barrel to a barrel garden, but it requires hours of cutting and heating the plastic with a torch to soften it, then manually forming each grow slot with a wooden wedge or PVC pipe. So tedious in fact you may consider going back to traditional back breaking gardening. But wait, there’s now an easier way!

A better barrel garden solution:

The Garden Tower 2 shown below is a modular tower garden that is specially designed to be a growing apparatus right off.  The blue barrel shown above is the old time consuming garden barrel project.

The Garden Tower 2 is assembled in 7 layers, the base and six levels, each layer with 9 growing ports. There are a total of 54 individual ports so you can grow an amazing 54 individual plants all within about a cubic meter. A central composting tube collects vegetable kitchen waste as a source of nutrients.

This high density growing machine keeps you plants free from pests and makes weeding and pruning a snap, especially if placed on a shelf of table in your green house, sun room or patio.  There’s nothing worse than planting your lettuce crop then finding it mowed down by hungry bunnies. Those problems are history with the Garden Tower 2.

Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

The Garden Tower 2 Barrel Garden

Barrel Garden Operation and Care

To operate the Garden Tower 2, you simply assemble the unit, fill with a bag of rich growing soil then plant your seeds and water. The central composting tube is then filled with your plant based kitchen scraps. No meat,mo dairy and no grease or oils.

Once the central tube is nearly full, you can add worms, yes I said worms, to the composting tube. They will begin eating the scraps and in the process create worm castings, one of the richest organic fertilizer on Earth. It becomes a sustainable micro ecosystem.

The watering cycle is very easy and economical as compare to traditional gardening. Water enters the top, trickles down transporting nutrients along the way. Once it reached the bottom reservoir, it can be recycle back to the top, full of new nutrients.

In these days of uncertain food sources and quality, the Garden Tower 2 is a smart investment in your nutritional health.

You can purchase a Garden Tower 2 system directly from the Garden Tower 2 website. Regularly $499, now only $349. They also sell worms. Have fun!