Home and Commercial Security

Keep and eye on your home or business anywhere in the world. Available off the shelf CCTV cameras and DVR systems allow you to access remote views of your property from any PC or smart mobile device. CONTACT US for your project requirements and a free price quote. Microlinx can also assist with your in house networking and media server configuration.

Improved Checkpoint Security

Potential changes coming in the security world with advances in security scanning hardware and software. Metal detection magnetometers may become obsolete whereas Patriot One Technologies cognitive microwave radar (CMR) scanning could become the future of building security. It’s still undergoing field testing and development.

Patriot One PATSCAN™ CMR  identifies weapon signatures, not just metal. This company might just solve the problem of detecting conceal weapons once and for all. Watch this video to learn how it works.

Security systems – Entry Control and CCTV video system components