How to send and receive SMS messages on your Spectrum Mobile phone account.

If you are a Spectrum Mobile service customer you are now able to send SMS text messages from a remote PC to your Spectrum mobile phone.
This is possible using because Spectrum Mobile is using Verizon’s awesome nationwide LTE network.

While Spectrum does not have their own SMS domain, they use the domain of Verizon, so the “[email protected]” format works fine.

To send SMS messages to your new Spectrum Mobile phone , just enter the entire number, including the area code, without any dashes to

Spectrum Mobile SMS Text Email Example:

Telephone number : 987-654-3210

The SMS address would be: [email protected]

Simple as that!

In our testing, we found Spectrum mobile to be a great deal with excellent call quality and data connectivity. Our previous carrier Cellcom did not support WIFI calling. Spectrum fully supports WIFI calling along with a galaxy of WIFI hot-spots and 24/7 phone support.
Enjoy your new Spectrum Mobile account!