Our R&D efforts continue to explore projects of human resource sustainability.

sustainability diagram

balance of environment, economy and social impact equals sustainability

As our population grows and infrastructure crumbles, local communities could, using common sense approaches, begin to opt “off the grid” by producing their own sustainable power and food resources.

Solar and wind technologies continue to improve. Fossil fuels will eventually become the “whale oil” of our economy, likely being reduced in consumption for recreational use in boats, motorcycles, high performance gas engines, aircraft and portable  electrical generation.

An entire service industry is waiting to develop. We will never be without power, but the source of power needs to change for the long term survival of our civilization. When oil is gone, we need to step up the technology game to harvest the natural power all around us.

Large centralized production of vegetables can be slowly replaced with small, community run and decentralized growing facilities utilizing high tech hydroponics and aquaponic solutions.

We’re still a few years away from this paradigm shift in energy and food production.

Microlinx Technologies is working to design portable food production and power generation systems.

Local Green Projects: