Email Client Options:

There are many ways to get your email. In the past, the most popular methods was to use the now discontinued Outlook Express email client that was packaged with earlier versions of Windows. What are other email client options?

Microsoft Office Suite

As part of the Microsoft Office suite, MS Outlook was the professional choice, typically found on corporate or small business networks. Unfortunately MS Outlook has died a death of it’s own. As of Outlook 2016, you can no longer purchase a standalone installation of Outlook (unless you buy it from a third party). The new product for email is Outlook 360, a subscription based product hosted in the cloud. Personally I’m not a fan of subscription based products or anything tied to a Microsoft account.

Mozilla Thunderbird

The other option are Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client, but I tried it for a year or two and it was just too unstable for my needs. Enough said.

Google Gmail

Gmail has become one of the most popular email services. The major reason is price. It’s free! Unfortunately the ubiquitous gmail domain has become a tool of many spammers and when your client sees you using gmail, the first thought may be “what kind of business am I dealing with?”. Besides portability, using “GSuite”, Gmail has some very useful and easy to use business features like contacts and calendar. The bottom line is, can I use my website domain email account with gmail to look more professional, and the answer is “yes”!

Using your website domain email accounts with Gmail

To use an email address like: [email protected] dot com, here what you can do.

  1. Open a new gmail account. Just go to to get open a free account.
  2. Once you have your primary gmail account verified and set up, you will need to set up an email account on your website domain.
    You can ask your website administrator to do this for you. You will need the email account address, username and password.
  3. To add the domain email account to gmail, start by clicking the gear shaped icon located in the upper right corner of your gmail home page…
  4. From the drop down menu, select “settings”…
  5. On the Settings page, use the top horizontal menu and select “Accounts and Import”…
  6. On the Accounts and Import page, select “Check mail from other accounts” > “Add a mail account”…
  7. On the pop up card, enter your email address, click next…
  8. On the next card, click the “Import emails from my other account (POP3), click next…
  9.  Now enter the email username and password. In most cases you can leave the other settings as default.
    However, if you still check that account with another client, click the “leave a copy of retrieved message on server”.
    You should also very and check the “Label all incoming messages :” to your actual domain email address.
  10. Click Add Account. If all is correct, the account should be added to your gmail inbox.

Now, when email is sent to your website domain email address, it will appear in your gmail account allowing you to use all of G Suite’s sweet features. If you have any questions or need help in setting up you website email in gmail, please feel free to CONTACT US.