Antminer S9 – Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Get started investing in digital currency by earning bitcoins using dedicated bitcoin mining hardware. The popular Antminer S9 boasts an incredible 13.5 Tera Hash per second processing speed while consuming 1,323 watts of power.

Is Bitcoin Mining still profitable?

As of mid November 2017, the USD price equivalent of one bitcoin is over $6,700! This is down from the November 2017 high price of $7400.
Here is the current live price:

When to get into Bitcoin Mining?

Theoretically, it it easier to mine bitcoins when the price is lower, so if it starts trending down again, it might become profitable. However, with these recent high prices, it becomes harder to earn bitcoins because solving the crypto problems requires more energy and the price of electricity can easily outweigh your bitcoin mining profits.
It’s like spending $1000 in fuel to mine $500 worth of gold…except bitcoin mining is done in the digital world.

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