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Microlinx Technologies LLC is a creative technology consulting service, systems integrator and full-stack engineering and web developer based in Northeast Wisconsin providing friendly, professional service locally and worldwide.

Have a unique idea or challenging technical project?

Our team provides a wide range of technology solutions and support for global business. We specialize in providing simple solutions and an experienced perspective to enhance your process and revenue.

Contact us – to discuss your project ideas and we’ll offer a strategy designed to propel your business or project on to success. On site service available within greater Fox Valley area. For immediate help please call us at 1-920-419-4940

Technology Applications

Implement designs or technological challenges including:

  • Home and Industrial Automation and Controls –
  • Infrastructure Projects –
  • Remote security CCTV and Webcam systems –
  • Alternative power generation and storage –
  • Inventory Tracking Systems
  • Computer Systems Upgrade and Repair –
  • Green energy saving solutions for home and business –

Creative Content Applications

Improve user experience and sales conversions with:

  • Secure and Responsive Site Hosting –
  • Creative and informative website copy –
  • Compelling Web Photography –
  • Aerial Drone Video –
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing –
  • Improved Website Functionality –
  • Collaborative, Interactive  Websites –

Bring your products to the worlds largest marketplace, – Not sure how? Contact Us

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