Technology Consulting

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Since 1996 Microlinx Technologies LLC has offered a wide range of technology consulting services. Today Microlinx represents a group of online entities geared to serving the business to business sector.

As our name implies, we link businesses through their common synergies to improve sales and efficiency. Our goal is improving your bottom line.

Microlinx services start with untangling your web assets by moving ownership to within your organization. We then manage your web assets while you stay in complete financial and intellectual property ownership and control.

COVID-19 Response: We are working diligently to help small businesses move critical operations online. Please contact us if you need immediate assistance.

We also provide technology consulting in a wide range of disciplines, including cloud computing, automation, industrial controls, IoT technologies and PC sales & service. Microlinx specializes in integrating the power of the web with brick and mortar businesses.

If you have a unique technology challenge or simply want to improve your web presence, or need to bring your web assets up to date with the latest content management system (CMS) then feel free to contact us for a free consultation and project quote.