Microlinx Technologies LLC is a registered business in the state of Wisconsin. We’ve been around since Google was a baby. Our site went online in 1997. With years of experience installing, maintaining and programming image processing mainframes and UNIX based industrial process control systems (during the Y2K era), we have since spread into the more relaxed and creative area of web consulting specializing in web hosting, marketing, shopping cart systems, business site design, SEO, SEM, content creation, credit card processing and digital publishing.

We are always evolving into new and diverse directions such as advanced security systems, web based automation and alternative energy. We also manage Google Adwords campaigns and Amazon merchant accounts for clients. You name it we can do it, as long as it can be made to be fun and rewarding….and we always make it fun. Our services are fully scalable for any sized business. Have a technical challenge? We’ll eagerly take it on.

Microlinx Technologies