Microlinx Technologies LLC has been around since Google was a baby. Our site went online in 1997 and we continue to thrive in the online jungle as a small web consulting firm specializing in web hosting, business site design, content creation, credit card processing and digital publishing. We are always evolving into new and diverse directions.

What we do:

First and foremost we are a web consulting firm. We align your business with the appropriate web site resources and development tools. We can’t guarantee that the world will instantly love your product, that’s where you need to convey your message to us as clearly and concisely as possible. If your products sell easily in the brick and mortar world, you should have no problem getting the online results you desire. What we can do is effectively present your product or service using the latest web technologies while not breaking your budget.

What we DON’T do:

Unless you have included a budget for advertising either through SEO, social networks, PPC or offline, we can’t promise instant results. Organic results are so competitive and variable today that  nobody can make any promises, but miracles do happen. Best results will be enjoyed if you have existing brand recognition, a brick and mortar client base and optional funding for at least a minimal Adwords PPC campaign.

Keeping Up to Date:

Our private Blog focuses on reports and reviews of emerging technologies and various other topics and training.
Our Forum allows for public discussion of hot tech topics. Users are invited to express their candid observations, opinions and reviews of what’s happening in the fast paced world of technology. We won’t hold back or censor any honest commentary, please register and tell the world what you think. Register with the site to access these areas.

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