Every day the bright Sun right over our head delivers enough solar energy to power all our needs. All we need to do is capture this energy to use or store for later use. Home automation can be combined to take advantage of sunny weather in order to alert the user to best usage periods. All excess is stored in a Tesla Powerwall battery system or sold back to the utility. The Powerwall is sized to deliver required power during nighttime hours. Night time generation can be supplemented by wind turbine or thermo electric night time power systems.

The solar revolution is already taking place at these project locations:

Solar Energy Systems:

Resistance is futile!
For the same reason that we STILL are not using solar energy for all our power needs, companies argue against solar and solar storage technologies for the obvious conflict with prfitable dirty fuel investments. Read how Koch Bro. research fights new technology that threaten their profits. Eventually, like whale oil and the horse and carriage, oil companies will make make the move to solar as a wise energy investment for the planet and future generations.