Free Power From The Sun

Every day the bright Sun over our head delivers enough solar energy to power all our needs. All we need to do is capture this energy to use immediately or store for later use. Home automation can be combined to take advantage of sunny weather in order to alert the user to best usage periods and intelligently manage power flow. All excess is stored in LiIon or SOLID-H storage or sold back to the utility. The storage is sized to deliver required power during nighttime hours. Night time generation can be supplemented by wind turbine or thermo electric night time power systems.

Is It Practical

The answer is obviously yes. Even with 20% efficiency, solar panels catch a very usable amount of energy. With the Sun producing 384.6 yotta watts of power, you can see 20% is not a bad potential.

When combined with next generation storage technologies, solar power systems can deliver long off generation power for efficient devices like LED lighting, USB powered devices, and even appliances like refrigerators and air conditioning.

The Power of Electra

Electra Technologies LLC is in the process of planning and development of several solar powered infrastructure level projects.


The solar revolution is already taking place at these project locations:

Solar Energy Systems:

Great Power Solution for Remote Locations
Power companies may argue against solar for financial  reasons, but eventually, like whale oil and the horse and carriage, oil companies will have to make solar energy  more available as a wise energy investment for the planet and future generations. In the mean time, current consumer solar equipment is great for camping, remote locations and single family use  applications.