WebCam Systems

Webcam System Design Considerations

Here are the equipment considerations when designing a webcam security or surveillance system.

  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Scope of coverage and number of cameras required.
  • DVR system size based on number of cameras.
  • Cabling, connectors and camera power supplies.
  • Special housings for outdoor use.
  • Network Connectivity.

Indoor or Outdoor

Depending upon your intended use and location, you may need to specify outdoor use for any camera units that are not designed for weather exposure. Heat, moisture and extreme cold may all be a factor in deciding which cameras to select.  Weatherproof housings can be used along with indoor model cameras but may have specific operating temperature ranges. These are important facts to consider and we can help you decide what’s best for your application.

Number of Cameras

Plan a coverage pattern that overlays different camera views. This provides multiple views of important areas while giving maximum coverage and requiring excessive equipment. Cameras can be purchased in bulk packages saving money over individual ordering. Our team can create a plan that is right for the job.

Cables, Connectors and Power Supplies

Typical CCTV cameras require a video and power connection. The video connection is usually a BNC connector while the power is a standard 12 volt power supply plug. WIFI of wireless protocols are also available. Wifi cameras can be powered  over Ethernet (PoE) so all you need is a single CAT5 connection to each camera. This and Wifi make system installation easier and much less expensive.


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