Starting in 2013, many webmasters who monitor their traffic closely have noticed a dramatic decline in search engine traffic. The effect is seem mainly on Google, who recently has been implementing many “quality” updates that are unfortunately resulting in lower quality SERP’s in many vertical markets.

Here’s a list of a few reasons why you may be seeing less traffic and slower business to your website.

1. Poor Traffic – Google Penguin and Panda updates may have determined your previous star performing site to now be low quality.
2. New EMD update may be dinging your site for containing competitive keywords in the domain name and sites content, again lowering Google’s quality rank of your site.
3. If you run WordPress, your site may be is running slower due to the ongoing Brute Force and Web Bot attacks.
4. Many scraper sites are popping up that are stealing your image content and instantly ranking high. You’ll recognize them by the obvious NON EMD domain names which are usually fictitious, made up words.
5. Weather – The long winter and sudden warm up is a sure fire traffic killer.

There are a number of other problems affecting the web, but at the moment most troubling of all the above issues is ongoing BFA (Brute Force Attack) on WordPress sites and bot floods that can bring a server to it’s knees.

If you run WordPress, take a few easy precautions. Install the “limit login attempts” plugin as well as W3 Total Cache. The LLA plugin will likely prevent the BFA from breaching your site (also change your admin account to something OTHER than admin). The W3TC plugin will take the load off your server and is recommended by most hosting companies.

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No Buyers – Why online business is so slow

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