FireFox 57 Slow

Firefox Quantum keyboard and mouse delays

Firefox browser recently released version 57 code named Quantum and touted it as “fast for good”.
Well, my experience was less than impressive, with constant mouse and keyboard delays, but rest assured, there is a very easy fix.

How to Fix Firefox 57 slow and laggy input performance

  1. enter about:config into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up)
  2. search for the preference named accessibility.force_disabled. double-click it, change its value to 1
  3. restart Firefox

That’s it! You should now have lightening fast keyboard and mouse response with no delays or lag.

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bitcoin mining with antminer S9

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Antminer S9 – Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Get started investing in digital currency by earning bitcoins using dedicated bitcoin mining hardware. The popular Antminer S9 boasts an incredible 13.5 Tera Hash per second processing speed while consuming 1,323 watts of power.

Is Bitcoin Mining still profitable?

As of mid November 2017, the USD price equivalent of one bitcoin is over $6,700! This is down from the November 2017 high price of $7400.
Here is the current live price:

When to get into Bitcoin Mining?

Theoretically, it it easier to mine bitcoins when the price is lower, so if it starts trending down again, it might become profitable. However, with these recent high prices, it becomes harder to earn bitcoins because solving the crypto problems requires more energy and the price of electricity can easily outweigh your bitcoin mining profits.
It’s like spending $1000 in fuel to mine $500 worth of gold…except bitcoin mining is done in the digital world.

Recommended Hardware:

Buying a Star Shower LED Lighting System

Star Shower Outdoor LED Motion Lights

Holiday lights have come a long way from power guzzling yet singularly beautiful C9 light bulbs to miserly LED lights. Modern LED Christmas lights may have taken some getting used to as the old incandescent bulb had a naturally warm glow whereas LED lights appear more of a cold / electric feel. However, newer models have softened the bite of LED lights by fine tuning color spectra.

One of the coolest new lights is the very popular Star Shower available on Amazon for only $39.95

Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead - Indoor Outdoor Laser Light for Hassle-Free Holiday Decorating – Sparking or Still Red and Green Laser Lights Cover up to 3200 Square Feet

Star Shower Use Details

In a nutshell, this is a very useful unit. In addition to the Green, Red or Red Green static and motion functions, there are a few things I’d really like to see it do. How about a blue laser? Not sure of this is possible for a unit of this low price but that would be nice. White would also be nice, but this unit just can’t do those colors. I imagine you will see upgraded versions in the near future. The motion option also needs a little more variety and a full random mode rather than the zoom in zoom out pattern. See the video below of the option you get.

Best LED Christmas Light Reviews:

These three LED projection units are a little pricier, but it’s good to see what else is out there. These all do only red and green. In this class of LED holiday projection lights, the Star Shower is still the hands down price winner.

So Can They be Used Indoors?

Absolutely. The only trick is proper aiming. You do not want the laser pointing towards anyone. A ceiling mount works best, pointing at a wall or the floor. Can light a room for 10×10 to 200×200 or bigger. Be sure you specify the “motion” model. If you keep your eyes open, you can find these Star Shower Motion lights on sale for under $20!

A Backlit Bar Top?

One very interesting option would be to mount the unit inside your bar and shoot it into an opaque plexiglass bar top. You would have to tile the top and have a thicker base of clear plexiglass. Not cheap, but it would be very unique. We have some more information on our partner  site about cool bar top lighting.




ITER Fusion Project Progress

Still 30 Years Away from Usable Fusion Energy?

The unlimited energy promise of fusion is the planet’s only hope for a future. The ITER project is now well underway in southern France. The project’s name “ITER” means “the way” in Latin. The goal of the project is not to produce energy, but rather to prove the concept by building worlds largest tokamak, which is a magnetic fusion device that will harness a high temperature plasma within a vacuum chamber. The problem still lies in the actual deployment of fusion energy that has always been “30 years away”. You can follow the progress of ITER construction at their website. The video below demonstrates how it will work.




dog face superimposed on the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch by using AI trained to search for dogs

Is AI Insane?

 Searching for Sanity

The disruptive technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being increasingly tested and deployed throughout different technological sectors.
One area of particular interest to me is the use of AI in search engines. Google forums are awash with speculation on how the new search algorithm AI, amusingly named “Parsey McParseface” is used to deliver fast, accurate results. The problem according to many in the webmaster community; those results are don’t make much less sense. For many veteran webmasters, this seems to be a break with their longtime logical reality. Once you see these examples, you’ll better understand why some of the results might be so strange.  Hang on to your hats!

Keep in mind that many of these examples were generated with the gain turned up to 11. This begs the question of where set the AI network so it produces the best “sane” results.

Psychedelic or Psychotic?

As a demonstration of what AI actually “sees” in it’s massive parallel processing brain, the image below started out as a cloudy blue sky processed by an AI network trained to look for buildings, specifically pagodas. The results are surrealistic enough to make Salvador Dali jealous.



How Artificial Intelligence Views The World

In these examples, AI networks trained to look for specific objects are processing ordinary images. The results are both humorous and shockingly strange views of our world.

Bizarro Processing

three examples of ai neural netwrks finding exactly what they are trained to find in ordinary images even if those items are not actually contained in the image
Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks find exactly what the are trained to find, no matter the subject image.

Here is an interesting view of artificial neural networks interpretation of ordinary images. It seems once trained, they  focus in single minded fashion on only what they want to find. This could lead to many cases of false positive identification in the application on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). I’m sure there is much more to it.


More odd processing…in this case, the AI is looking at a photo of a blue sky searching for animals, progressively building complicated layers and eventually deciding on these strange new hybrid creatures.

four examples of AI networks idetifying strange animals from a photo of a clear blue sky
Strange “animals” found in a photo of a clear blue sky.

While these images where generated out of static noise.

16 odd photos generated from static noise by artificial intelligence neural networks
Neural networks identify images from static noise source images

Generating It’s Own Version of Reality

In the following video, discover how fast evolving AI is learning to generate images based on mere descriptions. This is where AI could very well be crossing into web search by creating a representation of the site text and making a value determination based on that image.

What Does It All Mean?

In the Coldfusion TV video above it is evident that AI is taking even Google co-founder Sergey Brin by surprise. If the advantage of using artificial intelligence is restricted to only a few and is used against society for profit, then the result will be grim. However, if it is put into the hands of everyone, perhaps the world could finally work together for the benefit of all. The question is : “will those who create the technology allow that to happen, or use it solely for their own ends?”

Disruptive so far?

Outside the lab, AI will be a very disruptive technology. In the fictitious Hollywood version, replacing humans with machines has had a long history of tragic results. 2001 A Space Odyssey, the Terminator series, you get the picture. There are clearly examples beginning to manifest themselves in the real world. Google using AI to maximize profits would destroy countless incomes for real humans. Do the AI creators care?

In the BBC series “Secrets of Silicon Valley” series 1, episode 1 of 2 – The Disruptors, Jamie Bartlett uncovers disturbing trends in the current application of Artificial Intelligence used by some online businesses. Here is the synopses:

Jamie Bartlett uncovers the dark reality behind Silicon Valley’s glittering promise to build a better world. The tech gods believe progress is powered by technology tearing up the world as it is – a process they call disruption. He visits Uber’s lavish offices in San Francisco and hears how the company believes it is improving our cities. But in Hyderabad in India, Jamie sees for himself the human consequences of Uber’s utopian vision – drivers driven to suicide over falling earnings. Riding shotgun in a truck as it drives itself for more than a hundred miles on a highway, Jamie asks what the next wave of Silicon Valley’s global disruption – the automation of millions of jobs – will mean for all of us. In search of answers, he gets a warning from an artificial intelligence pioneer who is replacing doctors with software – an economic shock is coming, faster than any of us have realised. Jamie’s journey ends in the remote island hideout of a former Facebook executive who has armed himself with a gun because he fears this new industrial revolution could lead to social breakdown and the collapse of capitalism.”

Moving forward:

It all depends upon how artificial intelligence is used, for or against mankind. The photo examples above simply demonstrate how the technology used improperly could produce strange side effects in-compatible with humanity. However, tuned back to a sane level, AI could positively benefit all mankind.

If you are interested in helping ensure that Artificial Intelligence falls into the right hands, visit the Future Life Institute

Please feel free to comment below.

Further reading:

Stephen Hawing : Artificial Intelligence Could End Human Race

Microsoft pulls the plug on Tay AI after Twitter users train it to make racist remarks.

image credits – Google, Business Insider


Bulk Delete All Facebook Comments

bulk delete all facebook comments
Bulk Delete All Facebook Comments

Facebook used in moderation is fine, but some have a tendency to go a bit too far. Unfortunately humans were not made for non verbal / text based communication. Misinterpretation is a problem that can cause  loss of friends or even family. This was particularly true during the last election cycle where friends may have been removed following heated comments and political debates. If like many others, you are feeling the need to back away from social media, then you’ll want to bulk delete all Facebook posts and comments. Deleting all your posts should be the first step before closing your account, otherwise FB archives all your comments forever…

No Facebook comment should live forever.

There is no rule that says your Facebook comments need to go down in history. I for one don’t want some archaeologist studying my comments 10,000 years from now…or even 10 days from now. Once a post is seen, it ages out very quickly and only has archival value, sometimes to your disadvantage.
So, how can you bulk delete all Facebook  posts in one swipe? It’s actually pretty easy using an automation add-on called  F___book Post Manager (FPM) for Chrome. Believe me, the process of deleting all your past Facebook posts will set you free.

Note: This process will only work from Google’s Chrome Browser running on a desktop PC or laptop. Does not work on a phone. Tablets untested. Other versions that ran on FireFox using Greasemonkey and a batch script no longer work (as of July 21 2017).

The Bulk Delete All Facebook Comments Process:

  1. First, get Chrome browser running on a desktop PC – GET CHROME BROWSER
  2. Next download and install the: FPM BULK DELETE ADD-ON FOR CHROME
  3. Please note, the above link can take some time to load, but it will.
  4. Open your Facebook account, login and go to your Activity Log
  5. Once on your activity log page, hit F5 to refresh the screen.
  6. Now look for this small icon in the upper right corner of your browser  > bulk delete all facebook post fpm icon
  7. Clicking the icon will open the FPM panel shown below.
  8. Select the range you would like to deleted or use SELECT ALL
  9. Click the DELETE button to begin the process, it may take several hours

The FPM add on can also remove manage all post privacy, hide/unhide posts or unlike all your likes.  Total Facebook account control.
You are now free!

facebook comment deletion add on for chrome
The F___book Post Manager (FPM) panel for bulk deletion of all Facebook comments / posts

Note: Facebook may push back and begin blocking this add-on from working, so please throw some comments in the area below to show your support of the right to remove your comments from Facebook. That or just boycott Facebook. It’s become a digital boil on society.


fake malware notice

Don’t Fall for the Malware Scam

The other day I received a call at my office from an unknown California number. The background sounded like a nightclub at closing time on Saturday night. Beyond all the noise, some guy with a thick accent started saying something about a virus on my PC. “You have a virus on your PC” was all I heard, then a bunch of mumbling. I immediately replied “I am not interested in your scam, please hang up”. After repeating this several times, he finally said “F%#* you motherf$%#@” and hung up.

While this may be an extreme example, some callers are more polite, even professional perhaps. Some pose as Microsoft engineers asking you to please log into a website to fix the alleged virus on your PC. Doing this only gives them a doorway to actually place the malware on your machine. After installing the malware, they will now gladly remove it for a few hundred dollars. Please, don’t fall for this malware scam.

Fake or Legit Warning:

legitimate malware notice issued by google
A legitimate warning issued by Google

While browsing, you may see other various warnings. Some are legitimate while others are not. The dead giveaway is the existence of a toll-free number that you must call. Don’t do it; even it it says (especially if it says) it’s to a Certified Microsoft Engineer. I mean really, how many engineers do you think Microsoft keeps on 24/7 call to help you out of a bad browsing experience or “accidentally” clicking on a porn site link? The malware warning popup shown above is typical of that issued by Google when they identify as site as compromised or highly suspect.

What to Do:

If you get a phone call, just hang up and block the number. Simple as that.
If you accidentally navigate to a malware site or get a big popup warning that you’ve been infected, don’t panic.  The first thing to do stop clicking and shut down your browser. Here’s how on Windows 10:

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys, this opens the task manager selection menu.
  2. Click the selection labeled “task manager”.
  3. This will open a list of currently running tasks.
  4. Click on the browser task (firefox, edge or chrome) and select “end task”.
  5. Start your virus scanner and do a scan immediately.
  6. Shutdown your PC then restart.

Once you complete all the above, try opening your browser again. You should be in the clear.
However, if still have problems, you can CONTACT US and I will personally help you through the issue or recommend a reputable local PC service to get you up and running safely again.

The web is a scary place these days, but with a little caution and common sense, you can still browse safely.

Other Reading: AARP Fraud Watch Network

header image courtesy of

Shipping Labels Print Too Small – eBay, Amazon

A common problem we often see with new eBay and Amazon sellers is that shipping labels print too small on their new label printer.
One quick survey found that most are using a new PC with a new Dymo or similar printer.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to edit your printer preferences from the current javascript preview window on (for example) eBay.

The solution is very easy:

Just verify that you have Adobe Reader installed and that it’s up to the latest version. You can get Adobe reader at:

Be sure to uncheck the Optional offers or you’ll downloading all day and messing with your existing virus scan and saved password settings.

adobe reader download settings panel
Downloading Adobe Reader Fix

Why this will fix the Small Label Printing issue:

If you are using a new PC opr never installed Adobe Reader, then Microsoft Edge will likely be handling your PDF viewing. This is were the problem seems to originate. Once Adobe is installed, you will be prompted to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer. Since the labels are PDF files, this fixes the buggy edge PDF handler.

Be sure to verify PDF file associations:

Once the Adobe Reader install is completed, you can either right click on a PDF file and then  click Properties > General Tab > Opens With > Change and set the proper file association.
Open Control Panel > Control Panel Home > Default Programs > Set Associations to verify that the .PDF file type opens using Adobe Reader.

Verify the Driver Printer is Properly Installed:

Open Control Panel > Device manager > Printers
You should see your printer with no warning icon. Depending in the model, it may also appear in imaging devices.

Select the right Printer:

During the print process, be sure you select the proper printer. The print option panel varies, so if you are stuck, leave a comment below and I’ll try to walk you through it. Sometimes you have to select the closest compatible model which is tricky and occasionally requires some trial and error.

Reboot for Good Measure:

While the above procedures should do the trick all by itself, I suggest doing a quick reboot and then try again.
If the printer is not recognized, sometimes just unplugging and re-plugging in the USB will correct this.
Once you get it to print right once, you should be good to go moving forward.

Hope this helps fix your eBay and Amazon small print label problem. Please leave a comment below if this helped.



Highway Speed Cameras Solve Multiple Problems

As if the state’s gas tax were not high enough, Wisconsin is considering adding toll booths to it’s interstate system. This places an added burden on the already overtaxed and law abiding citizens as well as adding stop and go delays. Even though the sate currently prohibits their use, a much better approach would be to employ existing traffic camera technology to kill two birds with one stone.

70 does not mean 90:

A few years back, governor Walker increased speed limits from 65 mph to 70 mph. Sounds like nothing right?
Wrong. First, most drivers believe that 10 mph over the limit is fine, so seeing drivers doing 80mph and higher is common. Higher speeds around cities like Green Bay and the Fox Valley where multiple merges exits create a hazard that can be seen every day. Traffic fatalities are up and speeding is making these roads a meat grinder.

Combine Common Sense with Technology:

The solution is very simple. First would be to drop the speed limit to 65 mph around cities. Second would be the addition of speed cameras to each overpass with a small sign to indicate the driver is being photographed.
This alone would drop speeds to within the legal limit and help save lives.

Just the presence of empty camera housings and the sign would down traffic and save lives.  The problem is, humans learn quickly to ignore a simple trick like this. The next step is to deploy and arm a working camera system. Highway speed camera systems already exist, here are links to a few manufacturers:


Save Lives, Reduce Taxes:

It’s will be debated whether s traffic speed camera system will actually save lives, but it can’t hurt. In 2016, we’ve seen a rash of police targeted in traffic stop shootings as well as random non traffic related shootings. This system takes the load of potentially dangerous traffic stops off of police officers. It can reduce traffic fatalities and help pay for road maintenance without having to increase taxes on everyone. The speed limit is a law. Breaking that law means you pay a fine and suffer the consequences for your own actions. It’s that simple.

Resistance is Futile:

While to some it may seem like Big Brother level oversight, perhaps it’s time to employ camera systems nationwide. Saving lives is the number one priority. Public acceptance is weak but with third party testing and certification and lighter fines, perhaps this can change.  Of course some people will try to thwart the system by using plate blocking lenses and sprays. The problem for these folks is that they are actually helping to improve the system accuracy by employing better technology.