Your First Line of Defense:

Website maintenance is your first line of defense against bad bots and hackers. No matter what platform you decide to host with, there is always the risk that it can become compromised with malware, adware, or a destructive virus. WordPress is a particularly complex platform that requires regular website maintenance to keep your site safe. A new virus could be unleashed any day and if your site is not up to date, you could experience prolonged downtime or in the worst case, a complete loss of data.

Our maintenance services keep your site and plugins up to date with the latest security patches. We regularly update packages to the latest versions and watch for hook conflicts. We also perform incremental backups of files and databases and work continuously to improve security and reduce spam emails and spammy web forms.

Sick Site?

sick website warning notice

There is nothing worse than seeing your page show up like this in Google search.

Nothing is worse than discovering your site has become infected with a virus. The worst indication is when Google’s own search page displays a big red banner claiming your site is infected. What do you do? First, back out, shut down your PC and then Call Us, we’ll be happy to take a look and investigate the infection and find a fast solution. All our sites run on encrypted (SSL) HTTPS protocol.

Ongoing Website Maintenance:

We can optionally include an appropriate amount of administration time in your hosting fees to cover custom development and configuration tasks. Annual flat-rate site admin service is scalable,  starting at 10 pre-paid hours per year. Billed annually. Contact Us for a quote.



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