using gmail as email client

Using Gmail as an Email Client

Email Client Options: There are many ways to get your email. In the past, the most popular methods was to use the now discontinued Outlook Express email client that was packaged with earlier versions of Windows. What are other email client options? Microsoft Office Suite As part of the Microsoft Office suite, MS Outlook was the professional […]

broken phone connection

No Wifi Calling on Cellcom

Can’t Get Wi-Fi Calling on Cellcom Phone If you have had problems with broken voice connections on Cellcom, you’re not alone. This can happen on any mobile phone even if you are within a mile or less of a cell tower, especially of you are inside a metal building or below grade, perhaps in a […]

AI angel vs devil

Voice AI for Good or Evil

Hello, This is Google Calling: Google has recently demonstrated a new AI assistant for Android phone users that will make frighteningly realistic phone calls FOR you. The system sounds exactly like a human and can respond in a very casual conversational manner. The system imitates a real human voice  and conversation so closely as to […]