bulk delete all facebook comments

Bulk Delete All Facebook Comments

Facebook used in moderation is fine, but some have a tendency to go a bit too far. Unfortunately humans were not made for non verbal / text based communication. Misinterpretation is a problem that can cause  loss of friends or even family. This was particularly true during the last election cycle where friends may have been removed following heated comments and political debates.  Recent news of Facebook’s privacy violations is the final nail in the coffin for many. If you are feeling the need to back away from social media, then you’ll want to bulk delete all Facebook posts and comments. Deleting all your posts should be the first step before closing your account, otherwise FB archives all your comments forever…

Social Media Division

Now, 4 years later in 2020, we see how social media is again dividing the nation and the world. Blocking, censoring and playing an Orwellian role in our lives, many are again #walkingaway from politics and social media. Is it time for you to take back your life? Time to pull the plug on social media?

No Facebook comment need live forever.

There is no rule that says your Facebook comments need to go down in history. I for one don’t want some archaeologist studying my comments 10,000 years from now…or even 10 days from now. Once a post is seen, it ages out very quickly and only has archival value, sometimes to your disadvantage.
So, how can you bulk delete all Facebook  posts in one swipe? It’s actually pretty easy using an automation add-on originally released as  F___book Post Manager (FPM) for Chrome. Believe me, the process of deleting all your past Facebook posts will set you free.

UPDATE: Due to trademark issues, this add on is now called: Social Book Post Manager

Note: This process will only work from Google’s Chrome Browser running on a desktop PC or laptop. Does not work on a phone. Tablets untested. Other versions that ran on FireFox using Greasemonkey and a batch script no longer work (as of July 21 2017).

Bulk Delete All Facebook Comments Process:

  1. First, get Chrome browser running on a desktop PC – GET CHROME BROWSER
  2. Next download and install the: Social Book Post Manager ADD-ON FOR CHROME
  3. Please note, the above link can take some time to load, but it will.
  4. Open your Facebook account, login and go to your Activity Log
  5. Once on your activity log page, hit F5 to refresh the screen.
  6. Now look for this small icon in the upper right corner of your browser  > bulk delete all facebook post fpm icon
  7. Clicking the icon will open the panel similar to that shown below.
  8. Select the range you would like to deleted or use SELECT ALL
  9. Click the DELETE button to begin the process, it may take several hours. Mine took days.

The FPM add on can also remove manage all post privacy, hide/unhide posts or unlike all your likes.  Total Facebook account control.
You are now free!

facebook comment deletion add on for chrome

The F___book Post Manager (FPM) panel for bulk deletion of all Facebook comments / posts

Note: Facebook may push back and begin blocking this add-on from working, so please throw some comments in the area below to show your support of the right to remove your comments from Facebook. That or just boycott Facebook. It’s become a digital boil on society.


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