stride sitelink remote access

Secure Remote Access with Stride SiteLink

Why Remote Access? One word, downtime. As much as your supervisor or customer would like you to be everywhere at once, it’s simply not possible…until now. With STRIDE SiteLink you can now connect securely to multiple site locations from a single browser session. Monitor systems instantly without any travel delays, 24/7 365. Eliminate downtime as […]

classified ads theme demo

Building a Classified Ads Site

Need to build a site to offer classified advertising? Microlinx can set up a sophisticated website that can help you instantly earn money by selling classified ad space. This highly usable WordPress theme allows you sell ad space in a beautiful mobile responsive format. Includes a complete search form, featured listings, custom categories, star ratings, […]

see thru luggage

Clear Backpacks – Nothing To Hide

Clear Backpacks Show You Have Nothing To Hide In recent days, the topic of students using clear backpacks has hit a fever pitch sparking a debate about privacy rights. So why would see through backpacks restrict your privacy, especially if you have nothing to hide? I would think that unless you are packing a particularly […]