Systems Automation:
Microlinx is always exploring new methods for saving money and time by doing things easier and smarter.
We can help you design and deploy a wide range of simple to complex control systems using inexpensive COTS parts to build practical control systems.  Our lab is always brewing up some new technology or app mashups.

On The Web:
Web based automation is our specialty. We develop sites that work for themselves. For example: eBook or instructional kiosk sites are programmed to operate autonomously, generating subscription revenue and a valued service access 24/7 365.

Product sites can be configured to accept orders, process payments, package and ship your products through the planets largest online retail portal. Imagine a collection of profitable ideas churning out daily profits.

Other Applications:
Small scale packaging or automation systems, security monitoring, custom/smart lighting control, advertising, prototype design, robotics, wifi uav systems, energy harvesting.

Consult with us:
We can help with development and deployment of your automation ideas. Need more manpower for a startup? We can assist on a contract basis for short or long term projects. Skill areas include : HMI design, PLC & DCS startup, I/O checkout, Commissioning. Contact us for availability.