Ok, call me a grumpus, but I gotta say, there are some very annoying commercials in 2018. It’s no different than years gone by, but here’s my list or the most annoying commercials of 2018…at least on the networks I watch. What are your most annoying commercials? Comment below.

Liberty Mutual

Insurance commercials really get under my skin. They seem to cater to the dumbest among us. This compilation features the “best” from Liberty Mutual, plus a lady who thinks smashing into a stationary tree is the insurance company’s fault. Warning, this assault on your intelligence may make your head explode.

Good2go Auto Insurance

Ok, yeah I feel bad that this lady has no money and has to choose whether to feed her two kids or get car insurance, but if she gets $20 “minimum” insurance, it makes me wonder what other bad decisions she’ll make on the road. I’d wouldn’t want her hitting my car.

and another gem from Good2Go – that’s what we need, people driving around with the bare minimum insurance.


Progressive Insurance:

After years of constant exposure, I can actually tolerate Flo, but Jeremy is the reason I scramble for the mute button, especially this stupid commercial. Has nothing to do with selling insurance, just selling stupidity.

The WORST Insurance Commercial

Saving the worst of the insurance category for last. This pathetic wailing woman is nothing more than an assault of shear stupidity on your ears. I can’t imagine anyone running to the phone to buy a policy from e-surance after struggling through this screaming mess. Wonder why she get’s out of her car in the driveway and seems to suddenly realize the monster fender bender? Didn’t she cry it out at the scene or did she hit and run? Logical viewers are only left to wonder.

Steinhafel’s Insipid Kiddie Commercials

Here are two sappy, sickeningly-sweet commercials that make me wonder if Steinhafel’s sells kids or furniture. I think it’s the breathy dude’s singing that really gets me stomping on the mute button.

Steinhafel’s Kiddie Outlet?

What are we selling here Steinhafle’s? Chidlren or Furniture? If I saw this commercials once, I’d probably let it go, but it plays every 5 minutes all day long. Yeah, I get it, but really don’t.

┬áBeaches “Generation Everyone” Vacation Commercial:

Here’s another one that just plays over and over. Sure, maybe it’s cool if you are a generation X’er, but as a baby boomer, this one grates on my ears like fingernails on a blackboard.


More to come…